Belief and Guarantee

All Made in Japan

Welcome to authentic Japanese craft shop, BRONZE MUSEUM JAPAN. 
It has been 7 years since we started selling Japanese traditional crafts on our HomePage and eBay.
Curated selection of products have lead customer satisfaction all over the world.

Our products are available to order no matter where you are as long as you are connected to the internet.
However, we assume that you might hesitate to do online shopping for a product you have never seen in person.
It would be natural to feel that way especially if the products are pricy and they are from the shop you have never visited.
Also, you might be concerned what if the delivered goods are damaged or may be different from the product you imagined.
Many people who do online shopping have been experienced such "disappointment".

60-day warranty guarantee

Therefore, we adopted the “60-day warranty guarantee” to those who purchase our products.
For whatever reason, we promise to accept a return and refund as long as your items were purchased within 60 days.
* In case of payment with Paypal, feel twice as assured as buyer's protection is also applied to Paypal.

Sincerely yours,
Bronze Museum Japan