Samurai Kabuto Helmet

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Samurai spirits close at hand Our collection of Kabuto helmets on the website is a rarity that you cannot find anywhere else.
The extremely limited masked display helmets are quite hard to obtain even in Japan.
Regarding these handpicked antique and vintage helmet collections,
their maedate has a variety of accessories on it, such as a Dragon, Tiger, Phoenix, Shishi or Nio Guardians.
They are the biggest helmets at our shop and have such a dignified appearance.
The weight of the helmets varies widely from comparatively light ones to 17.6lbs for the heaviest ones.
This is because those helmets which are inspired from legendary respected samurai,
and are created by master craftsmen who has taken over the Japanese traditional spirits.

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Super Rare Massive with a Mask -Great Ogre Total War-
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Rarely Vintage Samurai Helmet with a Mask -Kuroda Nagakasa-
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