Samurai Kabuto Helmet

▼ Hade Made Pure Silk ▲

Edo armor with sturdiness and dignity, and delicate and aristocratic Kyoto armor.
Let us introduce you to the elaborate helmets made by hand.
These helmets, which are made through an entirely different process from Iron Kabuto Helmets,
were born by the hands of craftsmen who make genuine artistic armor.
Tradition still exists in these works.
These helmets are not wearable and for display uses only.
Armors and samurai dolls have been decorated at the boy’s festival
with a wish of “to make one’s child grow healthy and strong” since the ancient times in Japan. 
Armors and helmets do not only take over the exorcism
as a substitute for one’s child but it has also been regarded to lead future success.

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Great Samurai Helmet -Tokugawa Ieyasu Kabuto- Authentic Vintage Kabuto
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Samurai Helmet -Dragon and Leo Samurai Kabuto- Great Vintage
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Samurai Dragon Kabuto Helmet -Kamakura Style- 龍玉 with a scroll
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Samurai Dragon and Leo Kabuto Helmet -Kamakura Style- Small Size
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